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  • Alan Ruppersberg-24 Pieces-Cover
  • Alan Ruppersberg-24 Pieces-Interior
  • Alan Ruppersberg-24 Pieces-Interior
  • Alan Ruppersberg-24 Pieces-Site Listing

Los Angeles, 1970.

Softcover, OP, spiral bound offset lithograph, [Unpag.] 24 b/w illus. crease on back cover.

Self published.

6 1/4 " h x 8 1/4" l.

Allen Ruppersberg 24 Pieces is rare artist book consisting of 24 reproduced b/w images of the interior views of hotel rooms with a facing page exterior or interior shot in a landscape or at a table for example.  Includes a site list corresponding to the order of the illustrations.

"As a follow-up to his first book, 23 Pieces, which featured photographs of public settings around Los Angeles, Allen Ruppersberg produced 24 Pieces, which contrasts photographs of immaculate Hollywood hotel interiors with images suggestive of chaos and disorder. The resulting juxtapositions generate narratives that comment on the banal qualities of the Los Angeles environment and explore various states of incompleteness. The content of these photographs was realized a year later in 1971, when Ruppersberg opened a fully-functional hotel on Sunset Boulevard, an art environment known as Al’s Grand Hotel." The Getty

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