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Senon Williams: Hunted and Gathered, Limited Special Edition

Hardcover, 208 pp., full color plates throughout. 10 x 9 x 2 in. Venice, CA, 2017.
Edition of 50. The special edition includes a unique, original work on paper by Senon Williams from his series of 50 drawings, Solitude Changes Company No.1–50. 

This beautifully printed volume is the first to be published on Senon William's works on paper. It features 129 works. A Los Angeles native, Senon Williams is a lifelong visual artist and musician. Williams’ work finds space in the natural, exposing outstanding and devastating stages of human evolution. “To provoke thought, a question works better then answers. I enjoy to start a story I resolve in different ways depending on my mood,” says Williams. With imagery ranging from stark silhouettes to lush landscapes and human forms staged in undetermined acts of hope, his pairing of words and imagery suggest deeper meaning and is a poignant visualization of the inherent human struggle both ancient and contemporary.

Senon Williams: Hunted and Gathered, 1st edition
Senon Williams: Hunted and Gathered,

"Senon Williams’s picto-thoughts, with all their doom, hope and meaning, form a new kind of novel and just the kind of novel I like to read."
 Ed Ruscha

"Teeming with silhouetted figures and outbursts of saturated color, Senon Williams paints a loose and delicate allegorical world, captioned with sometimes-enigmatic phrases. They are strange and simple scenes that recall, all at once, Raymond Pettibon, children’s book illustrations and Rorschach inkblots."
– Eli Diner, Deputy Editor, Flash Art

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