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Beatrice Wood: The Angel Who Wore Black Tights (1982)

Softcover, Color, 9x6 inches, 98 pages

This is a serious narrative, though some may think otherwise. It is about a trip to Holland taken by two girls, an actress and an artist. It is an experience, not a novel.

The two had been invited by Mr. Jiddu Krishnamurti to visit for three weeks at Castle Eerde in Ommen, where he was giving a series of informal talks to friends. These talks were to be followed later by addresses to thousands who had come from all over the world to be together for one week to listen to his wisdom.

Beatrice Wood and Helen Freeman considered the visit to be of singular importance. That their conversations were gay and light was according to the ideom of their time; in the deeper realms of their beings the impact of Krishnamurti's thought was continually breaking through their banter.

Known in many lands, Jiddu Krishnamurti is among the most profound and uncompromising thinkers of our day. The content of his message revolves around the importance of self-knowledge. He says man cannot change the world, he can only change himself - and in changing himself, he inevitably changes the world.

In the narrative Krishnamurti is referred to as Krishnaji, an affectionate name used by most who know him.

- Beatrice Wood, 1982

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