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Marcel Duchamp: Paragraphic Books (1959)

Softcover, 8.5 x 11 inches, 206 pages; very good condition 

Reprint of the 1959 monograph of Marcel Duchamp's work. With text contributions by Robert Lebel, André Breton, Duchamp and H.P. Roché. With time-lapse photo of Duchamp Descending a Staircase on cover.

"Since this book was first published in 1959, Marcel Duchamp's characteristic aloofness from the world of art has not helped him avoid international fame and honors." -- from book's foreword. "The Publishers are pleased to make this volume available to a wider public, but this has necessitated omitting the color plates which appeared in the original edition. For this reason, the reader will find several gaps in the illustrations, which are reflected in the list of plates and elsewhere. In all other respects this edition is complete and unabridged. It has been brought up to date by Mr. Robert Lebel and includes a recent Duchamp work, 'Torture-morte.'" -- from publisher's note. "Every known work by Duchamp is described in this volume, and almost every one is reproduced in deep-etched gravure. Beside the 129 monochrome plates. The book contains a fascinating collection of 50 personal photographs, also reproduced in deep-etched gravure, of Duchamp and his circle. In addition to the main text, there are a recent statement by Duchamp himself on the Creative Act, chapters by André Breton and H.P. Roché, a catalogue raisonné, and extensive bibliography and index. This first full-scale study of one of the most striking figures in the history of modern art is an outstanding example of fine book production. Duchamp has personally supervised the layout of the book, and the mark of his inventive spirit will be found throughout."

-From 1959 edition book's afterward

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