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Hors Limits (1994)

Paperback, 384 pages, 240x240x30mm

Describes the adventure of artists who, after the war, introduced and instituted new artistic practices, systematically going beyond current aesthetic conventions and social norms. "I called 'unloading' this deliberate decision to unload all that is known about art, and then use an energy equivalent to that which was originally used for the purposes of art. art, real art, to produce another form, which may appear to be not art and which probably does not need to be art ", for example Kaprow declares. The catalog is drawn up from multiple interviews with the major artists of this period: Allan Kaprow, Raymond Hains and Jacques Villeglé, Lebel, Daniel Spoerri, Wolf Vostell, Nam June Paik, Otto Mühl (letter exchange with Hans-Ulrich Obrist) Paul McCarthy, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Christian Boltanski.

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