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Given the critical reaches of the term, it seems like almost anything could be deemed a palimpsest at this point in time. But the introduction to Tad Beck's Palimpsest by Brian Allen, director at the Addison Gallery of American Art, reveals that this is almost literally a palimpsest in the historical sense of the word: a manuscript page that's had its text erased to be used again, though traces of the old text still remain. For Palimpsest, Tad Beck took a series of photographs done by a student of Thomas Eakins, recreated the poses and structures of each picture, and then digitally swapped out the original models with their contemporary counterparts. Oh, and they're all male nudes. As such, Palimpsest is a document that destablizes the political nature of male nudity by throwing it out of a clear temporal context -- how do we feel about naked men now and how is it different (if it really is different) from societal attitudes from the not-so-distant past?

- Hardcover

- Hand-numbered and signed, 16 out of 50

- 38 pages, 13 b/w photos

- 12.3 x 12.1 inches

- Snippershins, 2010

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