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Walead Beshty is a Los Angeles-based photographer who came across a visually compelling and politically active method of developing photographs thanks to the TSA, whose X-ray scans at an airport checkpoint partially developed Beshty's pictures. Upon "proper" exposure, the photos had new streaks of color and form imposed upon the original subject matter, and now they featured the imprint of both their physical journey through space and the political systems created to disrupt spatial movement. As such, Beshty's photography as seen in Selected Correspondences, 2001 - 2010 has a variety of ways to denote politics as an extension of human activity. The first series, "Travel Pictures," represents a middle ground between figuration and abstraction: the photos are saturated with deep reds or muted by thin greys that affect the visibility of the subject but don't fully obscure it. "Scenes from Tschaikowskistrasse 17," the second series in Selected Correspondences, 2001 - 2010, is an unobstructed look at the decaying remains of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Berlin, with its reference books, sofas, and posters of Saddam Hussein in various states of disarray. The last series, "Transparencies," contains photographs that have been wholly changed via their overexposure, the colors and lines overtaking whatever had been the original subject matter. Selected Correspondences, 2001 - 2010 offers a great example of photography that is fascinating both in its conceptual inspirations and its visual aesthetics.

- Softcover

- 11.7 x 8.3 x .5 inches

- 127 pp. with 18 b/w photos, 76 color photos

- 2010, Damiani, Bologna

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