Saar, Betye. Betye Saar: Extending the Frozen Moment

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By James Christian Steward, Deborah Willis, Kellie Jones, Richard Candida Smith, and Lowery Stokes Sims

Betye Saar, born in Los Angeles in 1926, emerged in the 1960s as a powerful figure in the redefinition of African American art. Over the past forty years, she has injected African American visual histories into mainstream visual culture by blending spiritual, political, and cultural iconography to create complex works with universal impact. This beautifully illustrated book accompanies an exhibition of Saar's work, showcasing the extraordinary depth and breadth of her achievement. It provides multiple vantage points from which to gain a richer understanding of Saar's career, American art of the 1960s, feminism, contemporary art, and California culture and politics.

- Hardcover
- 176 pages, 12 x 9-1/4 x 2/3 inches
- 2005

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