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Giovan Battista Salerno, Angela Vettese, Adelina von Furstenberg, Grenoble, 1993.

Hardcover, [Unpag.] Chiefly illus. in color with accompanying b/w texts and images.

French, Italian, English text.

This book is a document of the project by Alighiero E Boetti "Alternating from One to One Hundred and vice versa."

From the essay by Giovan Battista Salermo;

"A design that sets out from Rome, travels to France, circulates among some thirty cities, returns to Rome, sets out for Peshawar, Pakistan and finally comes to rest in Grenoble, covers the same distance that separates Oslo from the Bering Strait in a straight line along the sixtieth parallel--that is to say, all of Asia.

The proportion calculated by Alighiero e Boetti is: a kilim is to a carpet as a drawing is to a painting.  As for the logic of the design, which takes up the scheme of Alternating from One to One Hundred and vice versa, the best approach is to copy a description the artist wrote on another occasion: "Among the 100 squares of 100 smaller squares, one can imagine fifty pairs that count the same sum of white and black: 1-99 with 99-1; 2-98 with 98-2; 3-97 with 97-3.  The members of the pair are like two people who fall in love."

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