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George Brecht. Notebook VI: March 1961 - June 1961 (2005)

Edited by Hermann Braun

Softcover, spiral binding, 111 pages. Mint condition.

Annotated facsimiles (complete with perfectly reproduced splotches and stains) of George Brecht's Champion Note Books from June - September 1958; October 1958 - April 1959; April 1959 - August 1959; September 1959 - March 1960; March 1960 - November 1960 when he attended John Cage's class. Includes writing and drawings by the artist. Texts in English with transcriptions and "A Kind of Introduciton," an interview between George Brecht, Hermann Braun, Dieter Daniels, and Kasper Konig, edited by Dieter Daniels. From a run of 5 volumes. 

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