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Mike Kelley, Udo Kittelmann, Jane Livingston, Eva Schmidt, Softcover, Bremen, Koln, 1995.

Softcover, 116 pp., Color illus. throughout.

German and English text.

Includes plan and description of the artist's contribution to LACMA's Art and Technology exhibition, Meatball Curtain (for R. Crumb)

This new volume documents the first major career retrospective of artist Oyvind Fahlstrom--born in Sao Paulo in 1928, died in Stockholm in 1976--in which his stunning versatility as an artist is brilliantly illustrated. An exhaustive amount of research went into producing this retrospective--and in effect, access to the artist's archives has given rise to a new interpretation of his oeuvre. It has also shed light on an important facet of Fahlstrom's artistry: his work as a poet. Oyvind Fahlstrom is structured in terms of three overarching topic: the artist as poet--the intricate nodal links between the artist's visual and poetic language; art and information--Fahlstrom's role as an observer, and as an explorer of ethical issues; and finally translation--the issues of language, hybridity, and geography raised by the arc of the artist's life, his relocation from Brazil to Sweden and then to the rest of Europe and New York. Featuring numerous previously untranslated and heretofore unpublished texts, Oyvind Fahlstrom is a testament to this artist's uniquely brilliant career.

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