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Northampton, 1998.

Softcover, 152 pp., b/w illus. throughout.

From the introduction by Simone Forti :

"From time to time someone tells me that this little book has been helpful to them, as an intimate example of an artist finding her way. This is the third edition of Handbook in Motion, An account of an ongoing personal discourse and its manifestations in dance.  The original invitation to make a book came in 1972  from The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Kasper Koenig, who was the editor, was inviting certain artists to write about their work for The Nova Scotia Series, Source Materials of the Contemporary Arts.  He included me because of the minimalist, conceptual dance/construction pieces I had made in the early sixties. But now it was the early seventies and I was feeling quite changed.  This change seemed to revolve around my experience at the Woodstock Festival and an ensuing year of immersion in psychedelic culture.

This book is about movement.  About working with my teachers and my colleagues, about pieces I made and the dancing I did as it evolved through various concerns.  And it explores the turning points in my creative life.  The body of the narrative starts with my experience at the 1969 Woodstock Festival and the year that followed.  Then on page 29 it jumps back to 1955, the very beginning of my focus on dance, and moves through the years up to the festival.  At page 102 it takes another jump, picking up in 1970 with my journey back from Woodstock, back to mainstream culture and to my dancing.  

Now in my early sixties I'm still dancing, traveling from my home in rural northeastern Vermont to teach and perform around the world.  I'm mainly focusing on how movement and language very naturally work together in our everyday lives, in our cognition and communication.  I'm improvising from that root behavior, simultaneously dancing and speaking, trying to keep it earnest, light and surprising."

Simone Forti

December 1997


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