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Gifford Myers: Multiple Listings (1985)

Softcover, 6 x 6 inches, 23 pages, full color

Published on the occasion of an exhibition at University Art Museum Santa Barbara, March 27 - April 28, 1985

"Gifford Myers' miniature sculptures are small, clever and impeccably crafted; uncommon characteristics in the angst-ridden aesthetic aura of the 1980's. IN a period which seems to believe that bigger is better Myers' real estate sagas seduce through scale – most are no more than three and one half inches across. Quite literally we must look very closely in order to see what is going on, whether in the minute reflections the artist has painted windows or the tropical gardens whose intricate foliage he has cut out of one- and five-dollar bills. Since the windows mirror scenes and events which presumably occupy the same space we do, directly in front of the object hung on the wall, the voyeuristic nature of our roles as viewers becomes apparent. In other words, the selfconscious reflection that characterizes the twentieth century mind becomes part of our aesthetic experience of Myers' work."

-Melinda Wortz (from her essay)

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