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This limited-edition print was commissioned by the Prints and Drawings Council of LACMA.

Extending, February 1990, a four-color “home made” print (a term Hockney himself uses to describe the medium), was made on a Canon NP-4835 color copier in Hockney’s Los Angeles Studio in an edition of 50 on Arches laid text paper. “The images were made like one makes any color print,” explains Hockney. “Each separate color was drawn onto a separate piece of paper (as each color is printed separately in the machine.)”

Hockney’s interest in the copier as a machine for the production of art in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s was an outgrowth of his photographic work. He realized “that an office copying machine was a camera that confined itself to flat surfaces. It never attempts to depict space.” The abstract still-life seemingly represented in Extending, February 1990 evokes comparisons to biomorphic surrealism, yet the process and technique reflect Hockney’s characteristic embrace of the latest in reproductive technologies.

Established in 1965, The Prints and Drawings Council (PDC) supports the Prints and Drawings Department at LACMA. In addition to raising funds for acquisitions for the museum’s permanent collection, the PDC encourages collecting, scholarship, and appreciation in the field of original works of art on paper. PDC members receive many benefits, including greater discounts on the PDC commissioned prints when purchased through the council

- Home made print

- 17 x 22 inches (2 panels)

- Numbered edition of 50, signed by the artist

- Commissioned by the Prints and Drawings Council of LACMA

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