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Printed by Francesco X. Siqueiros at El Nopal Press for the Prints and Drawings Council at LACMA, Los Angeles, 2002.

Six color lithograph

17 1/4 x 16 3/4 inches

Numbered edition of 75

This limited-edition print was commissioned by the Prints and Drawings Council of LACMA.

Salomón Huerta was born in Tijuana, educated at UCLA, and is based in L.A. This print is one of a series of “portraits” (both painted and printed) of anonymous subjects seen form the back rather than the front, standing, sitting, or in bust format. In these rear-view “anti-portraits” that draw on the bright palette of advertising and the conventions of pop art, Huerta rejects facial features in order to question the nature of portraiture, allowing the viewer an unexpected and ironic discretion of interpretation.

Untitled (Back of Head on Orange Field) is a brilliant six-color lithograph in shades of tangerine and brick red. As richly colored as a painting, its vibrant palette and simple bold composition, coupled with an absence of character and detail, have the unusual effect of being simultaneously cheerful and enigmatic, not unlike Los Angeles itself. 

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