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Ludwig Wittgenstein: Photography as Analytical Practice (2022)

Hardcover, 10 x 11 in., 304 pgs.

Edited with text by Verena Gamper, Hans-Peter Wipplinger. Text by Elisabeth Kamenicek, Michael Nedo, Ulrich Richtmeyer, Gregor Schmoll, Joseph Wang-Kathrein.

The first ever examination of Wittgenstein as collector, author and arranger of photographs. More than any other modernist philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889–1951) maintained a notably unusual relationship to photography. From an early age he took a particular liking to the medium and returned to it often, as both a practitioner and a collector. The first volume to appraise his relationship to photography, this book presents his famous and only partially published photo album from the 1930s; photographs of the house for Margarete Stonborough-Wittgenstein that he designed with Paul Engelmann; the composite portrait of the Wittgenstein siblings; excerpts from Wittgenstein’s various photo booth pictures and famously staged self-portraits; excerpts from his “Nonsense Collection”; his serial photographic documentations of places and people; and a selection of his picture-postcard correspondences with family and friends.

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