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Marcel Duchamp: The Complete Works (1970)

Hardcover, 12 5/16 x 10 5/16 inches, 627 pages, 780 illustrations, 75 in color, including a large fold-out.

Second revised edition (first edition was published 1969).

Minor rips on dust jacket (see photograph), interior in good condition.

"When the first edition of this book appeared in 1969, Duchamp, according to Schwarz, had approved of all the items that were included in the catalogue. Mercifully, however, the artist was spared from having to read the interpretive section of the text, for he died in October 1968, about six months before the publication appeared. T Schwarz advances his notion that Duchamp harbored an unconscious incestuous desire for his younger sister, Suzanne. The only evidence he presents in support of this theory is Duchamp's work, particularly the painting Young Man and Girl in Spring (1911), which the artist gave to his sister as a wedding present that year . . . . Schwarz's extensive reading of Freud and Jung, as well as of the writings of literally hundreds of poets, philosophers and historians from the Middle Ages to the present, is combined with an impressive knowledge of alchemy, the Kabbala and various Eastern religions to support this improbable theory, one for which he was -- understandably -- heavily criticized when his book first appeared."

- From "The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp" by Francis M. Naumann, Art in America, January 1998

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