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  • Mariko Mori-Oneness
  • Mariko Mori-Oneness

Text(s) by Takayo Iida, Noriko Umemiya, ed. Vicky Hayward, Berlin, 2007.

Artificial leather in board slip case, 308 pp., 126 illus.

Signed and dated by the artist 07. 

Japanese artist Mariko Mori (*1967 in Tokyo) has maintained a consciousness for the unity of the material, spiritual, and technological world. Her latest work, Tom na H-iu, a four-and-a-half-meter-tall glass sculpture, also blends ancient rituals with twenty-first-century technology. The monolith was inspired by Celtic menhirs, the mythical point of transition for the soul into a new life. Computerized LED rays illuminate the work in various colors, a reference to the real-time appearance of neutrinos detected by the Super Kamiokande, the Japanese neutrino detector.

This extraordinary publication offers a retrospective of Mori’s oeuvre, and is the first to present the complete Beginning of the End: Past, Present, Future, a photographic cycle produced over a period of eleven years, in which Mori presents herself as a time traveler in a Plexiglas capsule at significant symbolic locations, from Giza to New York to Shanghai.

Exhibition schedule: Albion Gallery, London, October 9–December 22, 2006 · Groningen Museum April 29–September 2, 2007 · AroS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, October 4, 2007–January 27, 2008

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