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Heidi Zuckerman, Aspen, 2016.

Softcover, 304 pp., with 22 pp., annotated, supplement.

Resisting confinement to a single medium, critically acclaimed Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco (born 1962) explores the poetry of chance encounters while blurring the boundary between art and the everyday. Known for works such as the Citroën automobile surgically reduced to two-thirds its normal width (“La DS,” 1993) and a human skull covered with a graphite grid (“Black Kites,” 1997), Orozco explores complex geometry, mapping and anatomy in a creative, playful, elegant and inventive manner. Gabriel Orozco Orbita Nocturna presents several new works by the artist, including a series of graphite drawings, glass panel sculptures, aluminum sculptures and oil and tempera paintings with gold leaf. This volume focuses on the intersection of nature and culture in the artist’s work, underscoring Orozco’s interest in geometry’s function as an extension of the natural world.


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