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Mauro Herlitzka, Marcelo Pacheco, Margarita Paksa, 1997, 2003.

Softcover, 128 pp., b/w illus., diagrams throughout.

"This new version of Projects, on the discourse of myself contains the presentation from Fundacion Espiges by Mauro Herlitzka as well as the text Marcelo Pacheco wrote for the 1997 edition. I deem it important to maintain Pacheco's works in the original version since we are removed from the past by only a few issues and also because what was then said is current today.  

When I was writing for the first edition I wished, as I do now, to provide the reader with an inventory of images and ideas, a document, the itinerary of a past.  This will surely be incomplete since, beyond inclusions and exclusions, this text aims at presenting that important circuit of the visual arts in 60's which went about the Instituto Di Tella, the Ver y Estimar Association under Francisco Diaz Hermelo, architect Osvaldo Giesso's La Flor de San Telmo, and the Galeria del Este.  Galeria Lirolay is not present in this itinerary because I was only a young spectator of their work."

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