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Described on the back cover as "a novelization by Raymond Pettibon based on his own highly-acclaimed hallucination," Tripping Corpse 6 is a wild ride through the iconography of the 1960s, covering Charles Manson and other cults, Jim Morrison and his commodified phallus, and citizens being drafted into service for the Vietnam War. Tripping Corpse 6 is Pettibon at his most unhinged, gleefully pulling from interviews with murderers and tongue-in-cheek essays about bell bottoms, juxtaposing the banal with the fatal in a recognizably American landscape.


- Numbered in red ink, additional copies available

- Staplebound, offset printed

- 26pp., black and white illustrations or photocopied essays on each page

- 21.5 x 14 cm.

- Copyright 1985, SST Pubs

- 1st Edition

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