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  • Cover Image-Stephen Prina-As He Remembered it
  • Detail Image-Stephen Prina-As He Remembered it

Tom Lawson, Annette Südbeck, Vienna, 2011.

Softcover, 104 pp., color illustrations, 9 x 12 inches

[German and English]

Condition: Slight ding on front cover and some minor scuff marks on covers. Interior pages like new. Excellent copy

The work of American artist, musician, and composer Stephen Prina is characterized by his appropriation of works by other artists, which he then places in new contexts. This is also the approach taken in his new project As He Remembered It, developed specially for the Hauptraum at the Secession 2011.

As He Remembered It charts the influence between California modernist
architecture and contemporary art. With this installation, Prina explores
issues of site-specificity, personal history, and the unreliability of
The origin of Los Angeles-based artist Stephen Prina’s installation As He
Remembered It is a memory from the 1980s of walking down La Brea Avenue
with fellow artist Christopher Williams and seeing in a storefront a
bright pink fitted unit by architect R. M. Schindler. The built-in desk
had been taken out of its original context and displayed as a freestanding
object. According to Prina, “it appeared to us as an amputated limb.”
Prina chose two houses built in Los Angeles during the early 1940s by
R.M. Schindler and since demolished. Using surviving plans and
photographs, he had copies made of the unit furniture, which Schindler
designed to be arranged to follow the lines of the room. The resulting
installation at LACMA consists of twenty-eight objects that Prina painted
pink using “Pantone Honeysuckle 2011 Color of the Year” and restaged in a
grid pattern.

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