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Ziba Ardalan, Robert Glover, John Yau, London, 2016.

Hardcover, 87 pp., 54 color illus.

Limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies.

"Robert Therrien's earlier works interact with some of the vital art movements of the late twentieth century, including Minimalism, Pop Art and Conceptualism. Taking his inspiration from everyday things – a water pitcher, a hat, a snowman, a cloud, for example – he simplifies their form and manipulates the scale of his then idealised motifs, which recur in various forms in his immaculately, resolved works. Understanding that the theme of a simple snowman motif is change – snow melts and eventually reforms as snow – offers insights into his other works, all of which are equally immediate and confounding. Therrien’s use of the familiar and domestic creates a tangible narrative of childhood memories within his early oeuvre and has provided the vocabulary that has shaped the renowned and immersive sculptures of his later work."


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