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TV Generations (1986)

Softcover, smaller(8 x 9.75) and larger (10 x 12.5)volumes bound together, 71 pages, b&w illustrations throughout

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, February 21 - April 12, 1986. 

Curated by John Baldessari and Bruce Yonemoto. 

With essays by John Baldessari, Peter D'Agostino, John G. Hanhardt and Bruce Yonemoto.

Featuring work by Max Almy, Dennis Balk, Dede Bazyk, Ericka Beckman, Gretchen Bender, Cindy Bernard, Barbara Bloom, Kathe Burkhart, Jim Casebere, Meg Cranston, Peter D'Agostino, Connie Hatch, Perry Hoberman, Douglas Huebler, Alan Irikura. 

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