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  • Andy Warhol-Mick Jagger-1975
  • Andy Warhol-Mick Jagger-1975
  • Andy Warhol-Mick Jagger-1975

Prospectus 1-10 cards for:

"A portfolio of 10

silkscreened prints on Arches Watercolor Rough paper.

29 1/8 x 44 inches"

edition of 250 signed and numbered"


The prospectus cards only are for sale as a set of 10.

qty 10, numbered on verso, 4 x 6 inches each, folded cover

New York, 1975.


*This listing is not for the signed prints by Seabird Editions.

Warhol created a series of 10 portraits of Mick Jagger in 1975 as a collaboration with the
Seabird Editions Company in London. That summer Jagger had posed for a series of
photographs at the artists’ home. Warhol had wanted the series to reflect different aspects of
Mick’s persona. He used the images from the photographs and added further layers of collaged
colour blocks and hand-drawn lines. This collection represents a looser style with more evidence
of the artist’s hand in contrast to the deliberate flatness of his earlier celebrity portraits.



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