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  • Senon Williams-Hunted & Gathered
  • Senon Williams-Hunted & Gathered-signed

Venice, CA, 2017.

Hardcover, [Unpag.] 208 pp., Full color plates throughout of 129 artworks.

Text and human figure paintings, apocalyptic, violent, war, philosophic.

From the artist's website


Senon Williams’s picto-thoughts, with all their doom, hope and meaning, form a new kind of novel and just the kind of novel I like to read.

 Ed Ruscha

Senon Williams’s art and text take one to the edge of the cliff, but before you jump, you go on an incredible journey from the entrance to Hell to something between Heaven down below and high up. The stance of the artist is one of despair, but with a subtle sense of dark humor. There is something Kafka-like about Williams’ work where humor and despair are blood brothers. “Hunted & Gathered” the book by Senon Williams is a trip through a landscape of what one could call classic existential issues. Going through the book, and marveling at the images in juxtaposition with the text seems the right thing to do in these days of angst and doubt. “Bullshit Ballet” indeed.

– Tosh Berman, author of Sparks-Tastic and The Plum in Mr. Blum’s Pudding

Teeming with silhouetted figures and outbursts of saturated color, Senon Williams paints a loose and delicate allegorical world, captioned with sometimes-enigmatic phrases. They are strange and simple scenes that recall, all at once, Raymond Pettibon, children’s book illustrations and Rorschach inkblots.

– Eli Diner, Deputy Editor, Flash Art

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