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Ingvild Goetz, Reinald Schumacher, Mimi Zeiger, Munich, 2003.

Hardcover, 152 pp., Color illus. throughout.

Published on the occasion of the artist's exhibition at Sammlung Goetz, May 18 - November 8, 2003.

As a young artist living in New York, Andrea Zittel started to design furniture that satisfied her needs and desires and saved space. In search for organization systems in all areas of life, she acts as a researcher, test person, inventor and fabricator efficiently rolled up into one, producing objects, dwelling units and clothing. Zittel founded A-Z Administrative Services in 1992 as a laboratory, shop, conceptual organization, apartment and office founded on the idea that a person's possessions and living conditions can influence their views and behavior, and since then has created Personal Panels, Cover, Dining Room Carpet, Perfected Pillow, Carpet Bed, Chamber Pot, Dishless Dining Table and many other works that accommodate her psychological and social needs. This publication looks at her production over the last decade and includes the A-Z Cellular Compartment Units Customized by Sammlung Goetz, a 6-compartment living unit designed specifically for the needs of the Goetz Collection.

German and English text.

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